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A Very Dinosaur Birthday Review

A Very Dinosaur Birthday by Adam Wallace

How awesome would it be if dinosaurs crashed your birthday party? It would blow the minds of all your party guests. You’d see what dinosaurs looked like in real life. It would surely make you the most popular kid in town. There couldn’t possibly be any downsides, could there? Well, you can find out in my A Very Dinosaur Birthday review. Adam Wallace and Christopher Nielsen combine for a crazy concept with a picture book that kids will love.

A disaster waiting to happen?

Okay, okay, I suppose there are one or two things that could go wrong if you had lots of dinosaurs at your birthday party. Dinosaurs are pretty huge. They’re quite strong, too. They eat a LOT. It’s possible that problems could arise.

A Very Dinosaur Birthday review - open double spread with dinosaurs.

A Very Dinosaur Birthday summary

The picture book shows what happens when dinosaurs are at a birthday party. They crash through walls, devour the food and cause all kinds of catastrophes. But don’t worry, it’s not all bad. Even though the dinosaurs cause a LOT of trouble, they really want to make it fun. There are plenty of outrageously awesome advantages for having dinosaurs at your party. Their gigantic tummies make a great trampoline and if you’re playing a game of tag, who could catch you if you were riding a velociraptor?

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Age range for A Very Dinosaur Birthday

A Very Dinosaur Birthday by Adam Wallace would make a fun birthday gift especially if you’re having a dinosaur birthday party? Or maybe to build up excitement for your child’s dinosaur-themed birthday party. At the end of the book, there are some fun ideas to help you make your own dinosaur party. It’ll get you using your creativity to make your own dinosaur invitations, ideas for decorations, snacks and activities. There’s also a page that shows illustrations of all the different dinosaur types.

There are a few aspects that parents / carers should be aware of when deciding if this book is suitable for their children. Although the book doesn’t focus much on it, it mentions that the dinosaurs are “farty”. And one dinosaur is playing hide and seek, but can’t hide its “bum”. Something kids will probably find funny, but conservative parents will probably want to be aware.

A fun dinosaur picture book

Overall, it’s a fun concept that I think kids will like and relate to well. (They’ll relate to all the aspects of a birthday party – not having real dinosaurs crash their party of course) It took me a few reads to work out the rhythm in some parts as I was reading it. Some people are sensitive to rhythm. Most probably aren’t.

The illustrations by Christopher Nielsen are great and show off all the disasters nicely. Plenty of colour and style throughout. All the different types of dinosaurs look great.

Thanks for reading my A Very Dinosaur Birthday review. If your children love dinosaurs and would love to imagine what disasters they’d cause at a birthday party, then you can grab it from one of the affiliate links below, or go and find it at your favourite online or local book store.

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