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With Easter just around the corner and kids all over the world are ready to pounce on anything egg-shaped and chocolatey, it’s the perfect time to interview Rory H. Mather. Why? Because he has a new book Easter Hat-astrophe published by Scholastic Australia out now.

Rory H. Mather. Children’s Author

Andrew: Hi Rory. Can you introduce yourself to all the lovers of kids books reading along?

Rory: Hey Andrew, thanks for having me. I’m Rory, a 30 year old who writes and reads picture books. I’m pretty new to the industry, my first book Vlad’s Bad Breath came out last September but I have a heap more on the way.

Andrew: Easter is a pretty exciting time for kids. Do you have a favourite Easter memory growing up?

Rory: I can distinctly recall being awake the night the Easter Bunny came to visit and I saw her poking her head around the corner of my door to check whether I was asleep. I closed my eyes and went to sleep straight away because I was worried that she would leave without delivering the eggs.

Andrew: Your book Easter Hat-astrophe is out now. Who is this book perfect for?

Rory: Easter Hat-astrophe is perfect for everyone, it has humour, rhymes and a pun in the title – so it should be a real hit with the Dads. Easter Hat Parades happen in schools though so perhaps kids aged 5-8 would enjoy it most.

Easter HAT-ASTRPOPHE is out now!

Andrew: Have you ever had a hat-astrophe yourself? If so, tell us about it.

Rory: I have hat-astrophies all the time…you see I have a rather large head so often I spot a super awesome looking hat and I go to put it on and it won’t fit.

Andrew: I like to hear interesting things about people that most people don’t know. Do you have any secret hobbies, party tricks or unusual accomplishments?

Rory: Ooh things people don’t know, hmm. Well, my first pet was a chicken called Amy, I can move my ears, I collect coins – but only from countries I have been to – and I once drove the amazing Leigh Hobbs around rural Southern Queensland for a day.

Andrew: Every time I log into Facebook, it seems you are announcing a new book contract. What’s your next upcoming release? Can you tell us anything about it? Or is it top secret?

Rory: My next story is Vlad’s in Love which is a sequel to my debut book – Vlad’s Bad Breath. Vlad, Frank and Keith have another problem…they are each in love. It is out 1st of April with the amazing team at Larrikin House.

Andrew: What’s the best way for people to track down your books, follow or stalk you?

Rory: I am on Facebook and Instagram @roryhmatherauthor and my website is

Thanks Rory for coming on my blog! Happy Easter to you and everyone reading along! Have a great Easter with lots of chocolate and a good Easter story to share with your little ones.

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