The Other Brother – Picture book review

What do you do when your comfy world that you love is bumped off balance by a new arrival? The Other Brother by Penny Jaye and illustrated by Heidi Cooper Smith is a story that follows Jayden James. His comfy and familiar world is thrown out of rhythm by the arrival of an adopted / foster brother. Jayden James’… Continue reading The Other Brother – Picture book review

Giveaway #1

Oh yes! I’m excited! Plain Fridays are pretty good as they are. So is ice-cream. But why not add sprinkles? Well, let’s add some sprinkles to your Friday! Today is the first of what I hope will be a regular giveaway. This month, I’ll be giving away a copy of the chapter book for kids… Continue reading Giveaway #1

Hmmmm. Actually…

I’ll have to start the giveaway next week. I’m not ready! The Bad Guys by Aaron Blabey will be the first giveaway.

Three – Picture Book Review

Three by Stephen Michael King

A sweet three-legged dog called Three explores his world with a curious mind, a thankful heart and a positive attitude. Three, by Stephen Michael King starts out with a gorgeous three-legged dog called Three going through life with a hop, skip and a jump and lead by his curiosity of his world. No matter what… Continue reading Three – Picture Book Review


G’day everyone! I’m Andrew Dittmer, an Australian children’s fiction author. (Well, technically I’m an aspiring author at the time of writing this.) I have a crazy goal. No, I mean a super ridiculously bonkers goal. I’ll tell you about that shortly. First, let me tell you about what you’ll get if you read my blog. … Continue reading G’day