I love (heart) book week shirt for children.

Fun book week easy costumes to get into the bookish spirit

There are plenty of book week easy costumes you can get. You can either buy something, make something or make do with what you’ve got. If you want to make something elaborate, you may want to check out this website. We’ll focus on easy costumes here.

What are your child’s favourite books and characters?

Take a minute to ask your child what their favourite stories are. Then get them to pick some of their favourite characters in their favourite stories. Think about what these characters look like, wear or do. Then you can see if you can find something around the house that could easily turn your child into that character.

Book Week – Easy Costumes to make

Coming soon. I’m planning to come up with a list of easy costumes you can make with common materials you may have in the house. It may just take some time.

Use what you already have for a book week costume

Have you got round fake glasses? – Harry Potter. Do you have overalls

Some classic characters

There are plenty of book characters that are perennial favourites. They’ve been popular through the generations. And they’re great book week characters because everyone instantly recognises them. Get some ready-made costumes.

Get an I heart book week shirt or badge.

One very simple costume idea is to get an “I love book week” shirt. This is one I made for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time or money. It’s a simple idea that will help your child embrace the fun without having to buy an expensive costume or get a degree and become master costume designer.

I love (heart) book week shirt for children.

Buy now

Some children don’t want to dress up too much but they still may want to join in. Or maybe you want your kids to at least attempt to join in a bit. For these kids, they may like to just wear a book week badge instead of a full on costume.

I love book week badge

Buy the I love book week badge now

I hope you enjoyed this post about easy costumes for book week! In Australia we have CBCA Book Week on August 19 – 25, 2023. Hope you have lots of fun. If you’re interested in reading a book, you can see my stories or get some ideas from my kids’ book blog.

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