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Brotherband – The Stern Chase Review

This book was awesome. Brotherband – The Stern Chase is a novel for kids in the 12+ age range according to its listing on Amazon. But there’s no reason in my mind why people up to adults wouldn’t enjoy it in my opinion. Does adventure on the seas get your child interested? There is high stakes and high adventure as Hal and the brotherband chase down a stolen ship. Here is my Brotherband – The Stern Chase review.

Brotherband – On a mission

The brotherband protect the Stormwhite Sea from piracy. When pirates try to attack a merchant ship, the brotherband will intervene. But not everyone likes this. Especially if they’re stopping you from your piracy goals. The ship’s crew are a motley bunch. Each has unique skills. Together they’re a precision machine of skill and power that most pirates aren’t used to.

Immersed in the sea life.

It’s easy to feel you’re right there with the crew as you’re reading. The detail in the sailing and ocean life really makes it feel real. I actually felt like I learned quite a bit about sailing without it interrupting the story. In fact, it enhanced it. It’s obvious that John Flanagan has sailed a lot (or did some serious research). The story pace is not rushed which I think helped in feeling like you’re actually there, experiencing all the little details.

The story fully kicks off when pirates ransack a town. The pirates disable all the town’s ships and take off in the Wolfwind, a glorious ship of the Oberjarl. Of course, this is before phones and GPS and modern technology, so they must use their brains and follow clues to try and track them down.

The Stern Chase Part Four - The Battle Plan page

There is some mild violence as you might expect in a story like this. It wasn’t too gory in my opinion for the age group, but if you’re unsure, you can always read it yourself or do some more research. Common Sense Media has rated it as suitable for 10+


Thanks for reading my The Stern Chase review! I loved being swept up in a heroic ocean adventure. I think you’ll love the sailing and ocean detail and the suspense as you track the thieves on board the Heron (the ship).

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