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Ninja Kid Book Review: Book 1 by Anh Do

It’s Ninja Kid Review time! This fun chapter books series by Ahn Do is a great fun series that is very popular. What would you do if an army of giant spiders were coming to get you? Thankfully, you don’t have to do anything because Nelson’s got it covered.

Ninja Kid 1 overview

Nelson was just a typical nerdy kid. He had no idea he was from a line of ninja’s. His dad was a ninja, but his dad had vanished without a trace a long time ago. On the morning of his 10th birthday, Nelson trips out of bed but does a miraculous flip and lands on his feet — something he could never do. Something had changed. His mum and ultra cool granny had been expecting this change.

Nelson doesn’t quite feel ready to fight crime as a ninja yet. But that’s a great time to train. He doesn’t have success straight away with his training, but he persists and progresses through the training and is boosted by some super-awesome granny inventions and a ninja outfit disguise which is not exactly high tech. (It’s a football sock with eye holes cut out of it.)

Ninja Kid 1: Nelson being chased by a Tyranno-Spider

The first Tyrano-spider attack raises curiosity and questions and Grandma reveals to Nelson about some of the his ninja father’s work. Soon, an army of spiders comes and it’s up to Nelson to save the Duck Creek.

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Is Ninja Kid appropriate for kids?

Ninja kid 1 is appropriate for kids in my opinion. There are good messages about keeping on trying and it’s a fun story. As you might guess, being a ninja, Nelson uses different inventions and physical moves to combat the enemies. I think this is very mild and non graphic. But if you’re very sensitive about that, you should read through the book yourself before giving it to your kids.

Ninja Kid Book Review conclusion

Our family enjoyed reading this Ninja Kid 1 together. I hope you enjoyed this Ninja Kid book review. If you think your son or daughter would love a story about a ten-year-old ninja saving the world, you can find it anywhere really. I have some affiliate links below. Or you can just rock up to your favourite bricks and mortar or online bookshop. Buy now from Booktopia

I think the Ninja Kid series is great fun. Perfect for kids just starting to get into chapter books. Kids will relate to Nelson who is 10 years old which is perfect for the 6 – 9 year old age bracket who can look up to the older protagonist. Nelson’s brother, Kenny is a fun character who is super skinny but eats and eats all day long. I recommend this book for kids around the 6 – 9 year old age group, but it’s a fun story for anyone, regardless of age.

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In addition to many of the physical books in the series, we also have the audio book for this. I’ts great for long car trips or for just relaxing and listening to the story as your imagination takes you away on an adventure written by Ahn Do

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