Build your students’ creativity, confidence and writing skills with a children’s writing workshop for schools or groups. Andrew Dittmer offers his children’s workshops in the Newcastle, Sydney, Lake Macquarie and Central Coast areas. Book now!

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The Children’s Writing Workshop Sessions

Each session is designed to be fun, encouraging and help children improve their skills and gain a love of writing.

A session is 1 hour and caters for up to 20 participants. If there are a few extras it’s fine, but with smaller groups, Andrew can spend more time with each individual.

What do the writing workshops involve?

Firstly, Andrew and the whole group will make up a few short stories together with input from everyone. This will get their creative juices flowing and break the ice. It’s lots of fun and builds their confidence. During this time, I’ll emphasise basic age-appropriate story structure, basic writing techniques and concepts. Then they start thinking about their own story ideas.

I will provide some stimulation in the form of questioning and can give extra ideas for any participants who need help getting started. Then I will let them write and will go around and spend some time with each person to see their amazing work and give a few extra pointers and encouragement as appropriate.

What will participants gain?

At the end of the session, Andrew aims for children to have a smile on their face and little booklet in their hand with their very own short story that they’ll be proud of. Andrew will provide the materials for participants to write their stories on for them to take home.

Book your writing workshop now

Contact Andew to book your writing workshop. He’ll look forward to encouraging the next generation of creators. Or for other options, see my author visit page. Stay creative!