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Dog Picture Books for kids who love those furry friends

They don’t call them man’s best friend for nothing. Dogs are gorgeous creatures and as pets, they become part of the family. Here are some dog picture books for children and families who love dogs. Whether you have a canine pet yourself, you’re thinking of getting one or your child just loves animals, these picture books will make your next story time fun.

Dog Picture Books – Pig The Pug

Pig The Pug Cover

Pig the Pug books have been read again and again in our household. They’re perfect for kids who laugh at slapstick humour and hilarious illustrations. They are great rhyming picture books that also come with a little gentle message which Pig the Pug doesn’t always fully grasp or internalise. There’s Pig the Pug, the original and then plenty of other stories including Pig the Winner, Pig the Star, Pig the Fibber, Pig the Tourist and Pig the Elf and more!. It’s hard to go wrong with Pig the Pug. Written and illustrated by Aaron Blabey, author of The Bad Guys.

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Walking your Human

Dog picture books: Waking Your Human cover image

Walking Your Human is a great fun book. It’s all about walking your dog. But it’s told from the dog’s perspective. It’s a fun twist and it’s really funny seeing things from the dogs perspective. Sometimes dogs see things differently to us.

Liz Ledden has skilfully left space for the funny illustrations by Gabriela Petruso to extend the meaning of the text. Kids will be really engaged to interpret the story through the words from the dogs perspective combined with the illustrations. Kids will understand the human perspective too which is VERY different to the dog’s perspective on everything which makes this super funny! I thoroughly recommend it.

Read my interview with Liz Ledden as she talks about Walking Your Human.

Maureen Mann from her Walking Your Human review on Reading Time says “All libraries – school, public and home – should have this title.”

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Picture Book – Buster Follows His Nose

Buster Follows His Nose

Tilly loves to explore. But one day, she gets lost. Luckily she has good old Buster to keep her safe. Buster’s nose knows. Buster Follows His Nose was shortlisted in the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year awards. A sweet book that shows a special bond between child and dog and how dogs care for the people they love with their special skills.

Read my interview with Paula Stevenson as she discusses all about Buster Follows His Nose. You’ll also learn about Paula’s inspiration for writing Buster Follows His Nose and other aspects of life on a Wagyu cattle farm.

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Dog Picture Books – Three by Stephen Michael King

Dog Picture Books: Photo of Three - Picture Book cover
Three by Stephen Michael King

Three is one of my favourite dog picture books. The main character is a dog called Three. Three is a sweet three-legged dog who explores his world with a curious mind, a thankful heart and a positive attitude.

Read my Three by Stephen Michael King review for some more insight.

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Hedgehog the Wonderdog by Dannika Patterson

Hedgehog The Wonder Dog Cover Image

Just recently, Hedgehog the Wonderdog was shortlisted in the Speech Pathology Australia book of the Year Awards 2023. Hedgehog is a therapy dog and Sam is a hospital patient. Although Hedgehog doesn’t always do all the right things, he truly is a wonder dog. He’s there by your side when you really need it, when you need cheering up. Then he sits, stays and understands.

Pamela Ueckerman reviewed Hedgehog the Wonderdog on Reading Time and says, “Hedgehog the Wonder Dog is a sweet, subtle and beautifully-written story about the power of comfort and healing that can come from a companion animal…”

Read my interview with Dannika as Dannika Patterson chats Hedgehog the Wonderdog so you can learn more about Dannika, illustrator Ross Morgan and of course more behind the scenes.

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There’s no shortage of super fun dog picture books for kids who love dogs. They range from funny to reassuring, to loving and everything in between. So go on and grab one that you think you and your children, grandchildren or students will love the most!

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