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Goodnight Little Tough Guy – Picture Book Review

Even all the tough guys and girls around the world need a good night sleep.

There are so many important things for your little superheroes to do everyday. Sometimes they are astronauts. Sometimes race car drivers. Sometimes cowboys or cowgirls. Even [Insert your little one’s go-to superhero responsibility here].

After all this heroic work, one thing that’s for certain is that your little one will be tuckered out and ready for bed (if they haven’t fallen to sleep in their spaghetti or conked while brushing their teeth.

This book is a celebration of all the heroic things kids do throughout the day with their imaginative play. And even superheroes need to crash and rejuvenate themselves ready for more action and adventure which will start way too early in the morning.

Michael Wagner and Tom Jellett combine their own superhero powers with an abundance of almighty alliteration and some incredible illustrations to produce a bonding bedtime with your tired little toughies.

If you want to share lovely bedtime with your tough little boy or girl, you can get a copy from Booktopia.

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