Have You Seen A Tree For Me - Picture Book cover

Have You Seen A Tree For Me – Picture Book Review

I was pretty excited to get my hands on Have You Seen A Tree For Me. My sister, Jenni Goodman illustrated it! The story was written by koala expert from Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Sarah Eccleston.

Have You Seen A Tree For Me cover image.

You don’t have to think back far to remember the horrible bushfires around Australia in 2019 and early 2020 and the devastating impact they had on our wildlife. You probably have photos and videos of koala rescues swirling around in your head. We have such a priceless trove of plants and wildlife that we need to protect. Have You Seen A Tree For Me? is cute and fun and after reading the story, you and your kids will understand some of the dangers and issues that threaten koalas.

Have You Seen A Tree For Me - A page with mummy koala cuddling with Enzo.

Enzo is snug and cosy in his tree with Mummy but now he’s growing up to be a big boy. So, he sets off to find a tree for himself.

But not the journey isn’t easy. There are all sorts of animals and obstacles that make finding a tree a daunting endeavour.

Have You Seen A Tree For Me - Enzo being chased by cows

From angry cows to big bright eyes (headlights) and dogs, Enzo escapes each obstacle.

Have You Seen A Tree For Me - Enzo the koala facing danger from cars.

After his epic adventure, Enzo finds a tree. Perhaps he’ll wait a little longer to find his own. The books ends on a note of hope that he still will one day find ‘a tree for me’

Have You Seen A Tree For Me - Enzo and mummy koala cuddling with the hope that there will be lovely tree home for him.

After the story, there is a page of fun facts and practical tips that you and your kids can do to keep our iconic furry friends safe and sound for posterity. That, I think it makes it a perfect book not only for you to enjoy with your kids, but also for teachers to share with their early primary school students.

You can be a koala conservationist hero today by buying a food tree for a koala through Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary here 🐨.

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  1. This is a fabulous book for kids, with some great facts about Koalas and how we can protect them and those Eucalyptus trees that they depend on for their survival!

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