Coming in 2024!

Moxie Vs Cat Memes is a picture book about valuing the loved ones around you in a world of distractions. It’s a funny story with an important message that our loved ones, whether animal or human are deserving of love and affection.

Moxie’s owner, Wally is distracted by cat memes.

Kids will learn that they are of immeasurable worth and deserving of love and affection. I hope it inspires kids to spend quality time with their siblings, pets and parents and enjoy each other’s company. Also, it may even give parents a gentle nudge to consider whether they can swap their screen for some extra quality time with their kids.

Moxie Vs Cat Memes will delight kids in the funny, cute and amazing things Moxie does to re-capture Wally’s attention to remind him that she is his special girl, worthy of love and affection.

Moxie Vs Cat Memes is due to be published by Tiny Seed in 2024. This page will be updated as more information and details unfold. Thanks! I can’t wait to share Moxie with you and your family or classroom.