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My Epic Dad! Takes Us Camping Review

Dads are awesome. You’ll often find them trying to do something adventurous. Having a crack and sacrificing themselves to give their little legends some fun, laughter and experiences they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Written by Dani Vee and illustrated by Maria Verola. Published by Larrikin House. I hope you enjoy this My Epic Dad! Takes Us Camping review.

My Epic Dad takes us camping - Dad in the swamp being attacked by a crab and a rat.

An Epic Picture Book About Camping

This dad takes his kiddos camping. And of course, out in nature and amongst wild creatures are plenty of opportunities for poor, old Dad to become a victim to the elements and wildlife. From a fall in the swamp, to a run in with a boar, spiders, snakes, ants and more, nothing can stop this epic dad from giving his kids a fun camping trip.

Written in rhyme, My Epic Dad! Takes Us Camping follows Dad and his kids (and dog) on a camping trip. Kids will love seeing dear Dad with his slapstick encounters in the wild as the kids change from being sceptical about camping to loving it and just love being with their dad.

The illustrations by Marina Verola really capture the epic camping disasters and poor dad’s expressions. I especially love the final illustration which really shows the children’s love and awe of their epic dad while dad is sleeping with all his bumps and bruises in the back of the ute.

My Epic Dad Takes Us Camping - Boar sending Dad flying.

My Epic Dad!

Kids may not thank Dad until they’re grown up for all he went through to give them enjoyment moments like this, but he doesn’t need it. Seeing his kids faces lit up, laughing and enjoying new experiences is all he’s really looking for. I think this book captures that well along with all the catastrophes that are going to be funny stories for the family to look back on one day. Even if it’s #toosoon for him to think they’re funny just yet.

I think kids will love seeing all the dramatic moments as this epic Dad attracts every danger possible but soldiers on and gives his kids an epic camping trip.

Thanks for reading my My Epic Dad! Takes Us Camping review! Grab it for your next bedtime story with YOUR epic dad.

My Epic Dad! Takes Us Camping cover image

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