Bugs Bunny’s Carrot Machine

Bugs Bunny’s Carrot Machine

Bugs Bunny’s Carrot machine was one of my favourite books as a child. Did you read Bugs Bunny’s Carrot Machine when you were little? I couldn’t get enough of this story as my mum would agree.

If you were like me, you’d remember being intrigued by the instructions of how to make a carrot-making machine. You’d remember that funny-looking green cube the machine spat out for the first attempt to make a carrot. After Bugs ate it and said it wasn’t half bad, you knew there was half a chance that they could figure it out. And of course, there was the instructions that warned Bugs not to overload the machine.

The first carrot was a bit tough, so the obvious thing for Bugs Bunny to do was to throw a few soft things like a pillows into the machine. That made it softer, but as Bugs said, ‘Who ever heard of square green carrots?’

So Bugs threw pointy rusty iron spikes into the machine to help the carrots become pointy. It sounded logical. Pointy nails -> pointy carrots. And it worked!

Bugs now had small, pointy, green carrots, but of course you could see that it wasn’t quite right. Now to make the thing orange. Throw an orange marmalade label and they were now the perfect!

Now they were perfect… almost.

Well… almost perfect. They were just a bit small. So, bugs loaded heaps of junk into the machine and pushed the button. But the machine exploded! And Bugs couldn’t build another one, because he’d thrown the plans into the machine with everything else.

But, the exploded pieces of the machine landed in the shape of an arrow pointing towards Elmer’s prized carrot patch. Which poor old Elmer Fudd wasn’t too happy about.

Were you lucky enough to have Bugs Bunny’s Carrot Machine read to you when you were young? Did your Mum, Dad or whoever read it to you put on Elmer Phudd’s voice saying things like ‘ingweedients’ and ‘wascally wabbit’? Let me know what your favourite part of the story was in the comments!

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