One Potoroo - Picture Book Review. Cover image.

One Potoroo – Picture Book Review

Thanks for reading my One Potoroo picture book review. One Potoroo was written by Penny Jaye and illustrated by Alicia Rogerson. It’s the perfect book for animal lovers and it’s great to see a lesser-known Australian animal’s story being told.

We all know too well about the dangers of fires here in Australia. They rip through at a tremendous pace and cause awful destruction. While our first concern is often people and houses, there are lots of animals that lose their homes too.

In this gorgeous picture book, we follow a young potoroo who was hiding under a slab of granite as the fire swept overhead. A volunteer finds him and takes him out of his hiding place. The story follows him as he moves away from his completely destroyed habitat and relocated. It’s heartwarming to think of the people who care so much for these little creatures. They go in and find hurt creatures, look after them and relocate them to somewhere where they will be able to find food.

One Potoroo - Illustration of Potoroo.

The artwork by Alicia Rogerson is beautiful. She’s from Western Australia

At the end of the book, a nice surprise awaits for Potoroo which ends the story on a note of hope for the endangered animal.

One Potoroo - back cover image.

Educational Potoroo Picture Book

After the story, there is lots of interesting information about the Gilbert’s Potoroo that kids will love. Parents and Teachers will be equally excited to help kids learn all about them. There’s a link which I’ll include here to find out more info about the Gilbert’s Potoroo and support their conservation. There are only around 100 left according to the link just posted! So, you have the chance to make a real difference to help their population increase and avoid extinction which would be incredibly sad.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my One Potoroo picture book review! Read my interview with Penny or read a review of her other book The Other Brother.

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