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Introducing The Book With No Pictures review! Ladies and gentlemen. I’m afraid I have some rather chilling news for you. Throughout history, story time has been simple. Authors write stories. You read the stories to your kids. Simple.

Well, that’s until The Book With No Pictures showed up. The author, B. J. Novak has used the foundational rules of reading a story to your child and used it against the reader for the pleasure of the child listening.

If you choose to accept the mission of reading this book to your kids or your class, it will make you, (a respectable, honourable grown up), sound silly and make your child laugh hysterically at you while you soldier on, diligently doing the right thing, but reading out the words as they are written on the page.

Oh, it starts out all innocent, but then it starts to get hairy.

As you read the book, you’ll make statements that you know are untrue, like that you are a monkey and you’ll even sing a song about the fact that you eat ants off the rug for breakfast. All the while, your child will be very happy to learn these facts about you. And they won’t be politely smiling and nodding. They’ll be laughing their gorgeous little heads off at you!

After the intial , B. J. Novak makes you then declare that your child is the best kid ever (which of course is actually true, right?) and that they are also the smartest kid too.

The silliness continues all the way to the climax, an utter onslaught of ridiculous words and silly sounds that will leave you both gasping for breath. You’ll be gasping because of the difficulty reading these long ridiculous words. Your child will be gasping from too much laughing.

And when you finally reach the end, all you can do is beg your child never to choose this book again (under direction from the author B. J. Novak, of course.) Unfortunately, this has the opposite effect, so you’ll probably be reading this book every night for rest of eternity.

Seriously, this is a hilarious book and such fun to read with your child. So much so, that has been the most requested book in our house over the past 12 months. It never gets old for my 5 year old and I completely love sharing this crazy book with him again and again.

Before your first read, I recommend having a practice read through, so you get the hang of it. I found my first read, I wasn’t totally reading it right.

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