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The Land of Fake Believe Review

The Land of Fake Believe is a book where all your favourite fairy tale characters interact in an epic story. From Beauty and the Beast, to Peter Pan, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and many more. It’s a really cool concept and I thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in this world.

Taylan, Colby and Judy go to the Happily Ever After amusement park with their parents. Taylan and Colby are annoyed that their little sister thinks the characters dressed up at the park are real. They set off to prove that they are just people dressed in costumes. But when they sneak into the restricted area, what they discover, draws them into a hidden existence of real fairy tale characters trapped in the park.

The Land of Fake Believe - Cover Image

High suspense in a magical world

Some of the fairy tale characters are good and some are evil. And not all the ones you thought were good are actually good. Perhaps the fairy tales you were told as a child were not all depicted accurately. Taylan and Colby are not certain who they can trust and some seemingly good characters may have ulterior motives. This really keeps you guessing and sweating as you’re reading.

I love the relationship dynamic between siblings Taylan, Colby and Judy. Their interactions are very authentic. A mixture of bickering on the surface, but deep down underneath all the arguments and disagreements they are anchored by a deep love and will do anything for each other.

Add into the mix that their parents have no idea what’s going on. But Taylan and Colby feel the responsibility to help the Ever Afters (all the fairy tail characters) and know that nobody would believe them if they told them the truth about what they’d discovered.

The Land of Fake Believe is a fractured fairy tale aimed at around the 8yo – 12yo age range. Kids are going to love the concept.

The Happily Ever After Series

The Land of Fake Believe is the first book in the Happily Ever After series by Laurel Solorzano.

So when your kids finish this first book and fall in love with this fantastic world, there are more books in the series to devour. Book 2 Once Upon a Climb is due to come out in October 2022 and Book 3, The Princess and the Key is due in November 2022. The Land of Fake Believe is out now, so what are you waiting for? Go grab your copy now and enjoy being immersed in land of make believe meets reality.

The Land of Fake Believe is the first book in the Happily Ever After series by Laurel Solorzano.

More about Author Laurel Solorzano

Children’s book author Laurel Solorzano has been creating stories since she first learned how to write, completing her first full-length novel while in middle school. Her love for fairy tales is what inspired her to write The Land of Fake Believe, a twisted fairy tale for middle-grade readers about the real lives of amusement park characters and the siblings who uncover this incredible truth.

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Laurel is a Spanish and English teacher. When she’s not penning creative stories for young readers, Laurel enjoys reading and spending time with her two dogs and husband. Also the published author of five young adult books, Laurel’s book The Land of Fake Believe is the debut book in a series of twisted fairy tales.

If you’d like more info on Laurel Solorzano and all her work, then head over to her website.

Thanks for reading this review of The Land of Fake Believe! I hope you enjoyed it and it can help you know if it’s right for you.


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