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Three by Stephen Michael King Review

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A sweet three-legged dog called Three explores his world with a curious mind, a thankful heart and a positive attitude.

Three by Stephen Michael King - Picture Book cover
Three by Stephen Michael King

Three, by Stephen Michael King starts out with a gorgeous three-legged dog called Three going through life with a hop, skip and a jump and lead by his curiosity of his world. No matter what situation he faces, he sees the positive side of it.

A page in Three by Stephen Michael King where Three's path can be traced.
Trace Three’s path with your finger.

A couple of pages have full page drawings with a dotted path showing you where Three has travelled as he explores the streets. Your kids will love to trace the line to follow where Three has gone.

Three finds a spider.

There is a fun pattern woven through the book of referring to the number of legs things have. Three meets a six-legged creature, an eight-legged creature, a one-legged creature and even a twelve-legged creature.

A one-legged creature and a twelve-legged creature.

Three decides to stay with Fern and her family, a house where he will find love and adventure.

Three meets Fern

Three and Fern playing together.

I bought this book as a promotional giveaway. I browsed through some books in the bookshop and couldn’t put this one back. When I got home, my son saw it and I told him that I bought it to give to someone else. He convinced me to read it to him once. After we read it together, I knew the giveaway would never happen. He loved it.

This was definitely one of my favourite books for this year!

Three published by Scholastic Australia. Find it at your local bookshop or linked below.

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