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Liz Ledden Interview

Super excited to have Liz Ledden with us today for an interview!

Andrew: Hi Liz! Thanks for coming on my blog. Could you introduce yourself to us?

Liz: Hi Andrew – thanks for having me! I’m a kids’ book author based in Sydney’s inner west, and I also co-host a kids’ book podcast, One More Page, alongside authors Kate Simpson and Nat Amoore. We review the latest kids’ books, interview authors and illustrators, and get up to all kinds of kidlit shenanigans. My published picture books are Walking Your Human, a dog’s own guide to what humans really want to do on a walk, and Tulip and Brutus, about bugs, differences and friendship. Things I love include libraries, lemongrass, and dressing like a licorice all-sort.

Andrew: Tell us something about yourself that not many people know.

Liz: Hmmm … I managed to win a lot of colouring-in competitions as a kid, with prizes including everything from an esky to a full-sized replica Santa sleigh to a resort holiday in Coffs Harbour!

Andrew: Wow! Some pretty random prizes there! 🙂 Your latest book, Walking Your Human is out now. Give us the run-down.

Liz: Walking Your Human is a picture book written from a dog’s point of view about all the best things to do on a walk. The cast of canines in the story are sure they have humans all figured out. From the best way to cool them down to where to stop for the best views, these delusional dogs think that they’re doing their humans proud. The book is illustrated by the amazing Gabriella Petruso, who has really brought each scenario to life and introduced a whole extra layer of humour to the narrative. If you spot one of the human characters in the book with a baby carrier, that’s a sneaky self-portrait of the illustrator!

Walking Your Human Cover - out now!

Andrew: Sounds like a story bursting with fun! So, I learned from your interview with with the Jack Russell Parents podcast that you have a rescue dog called Frankie. What kind of mischief does Frankie get up to?

Liz: Frankie gets up to all kinds of mischief, from attempting to break her way through fences, to rolling in the dirt straight after a bath. She doesn’t respond to being called and cannot be trusted in unfenced dog parks (she’ll definitely do a runner!). Despite all this, she does have her lovable qualities, of course! You can find her harassing me for walks or sitting in her favourite flower pot.

Andrew: What feedback have you had so far from Walking Your Human readers?

Liz: One of the main bits of feedback I’ve had from readers is the relatability of the scenarios in Walking Your Human. From the all-knowing personas of the dog characters in the book, to the dogs’ attempts to distract or show off to their humans, it seems everyone sees a bit of their pet in the story! And many can identify with the frazzled humans, who at the end of the day still have an enduring love for their dog, despite all of their antics.

Andrew: That’s awesome! How can people find out more about you and your books?

Liz: You can find out more here:
Website (check out the Books tab)
One More Page Podcast

It has been such a pleasure to have Liz on the blog today! If you ever see a licorice all-sort flying towards the library in a Santa Sleigh being pulled by a recently-bathed but muddy dog, it might just be Liz Ledden.

These cheeky dogs think they know exactly what you want.

So if you and your family love dogs and sharing funny picture books together, Walking Your Human might be the perfect story for you. Grab it on Booktopia.

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