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Snuffy – A Unique Picture Book Launch

Jenni Goodman and I wanted a unique picture book launch. Snuffy, published by New Holland Publishers had two launch events. One at Swansea Library (Newcastle) and the other in North Kellyville (Sydney). We had some unique fun picture opportunities for the kids. We even did something a little silly at the Sydney launch (I’ll show you that later.)

Our first launch was in Swansea Library. This was my first book launch and I was pretty nervous. It was a lovely group and they loved hearing the story and then Snuffy’s illustrator, Jenni Goodman did a little interactive presentation where the kids drew their own cheeky seagull like the ones in the Snuffy. But they all used their creativity to tell their own story through their seagull drawings.

Snuffy’s special skill is sniffing. Kids loved telling us all about their unique skills too. It was fun and of course when they used their imaginations to invent situations for the cheeky seagulls in the story, they were incredibly creative and funny!

Jenni had a super fun Snuffy photo opportunity. See below.

Snuffy photo opportunity.

The Sydney launch was a similar program. I loved the kids energy and joining in with the actions to help me tell the story to them. The kids also designed their own razzle-dazzle beach hat (which appears in Snuffy story). Then Jenni and I signed copies for everyone who attended the picture book launch. But then we decided to do something a little crazy. A literal book launch!

Literal Book Launch - a bubble-wrapped book with helium balloons is caterpaulted

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 LAUNCH! Bubble wrap and helium balloons to keep our launch copy safe!

A huge thanks to everyone who came to celebrate the launch of Snuffy and enjoyed our unique picture book launch! It was lots of fun. Jenni and I are doing school presentations and workshops, so contact me for a school visit in the Newcastle or Sydney areas (Australia)

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